How long have you been open? We opened on July 16, 2006.

Are you open year round? Yes! Believe it or not, we have the business to sustain us during the winter. We may not be quite as busy as we are during the summer, but people are always out and about. Not to mention our awesome regulars that also keep us going!

What’s the best beer? What WE think is the best beer, might not be what YOU think is the best beer. If you tell us what kind of beer you like, we can steer you towards something we have that you will like.

What do you have like a Bud Light? NOTHING! We want our beer to be delicious and flavorful. Our lightest beer is the Pilsner, but it is much tastier than a domestic light beer.

Where do you make the beer? We make all of the beer on site, in the brew room at the back of the building. We only carry our own beer, plus a guest cider.  

How big is your system? We have 7 barrel system, which makes about 200 gallons of beer per batch.

How long does it take to make beer? From brew day until the day it is ready to come out on tap is generally around 30 days

Why do you only fill growlers with certain beers? Our top priority is for our customers to be able to come here and drink all of the beer we make, at any given time. If we filled growlers with all the beers all the time, we would run out of several beers before they were ready after brewing them again. It’s more important to us to have all of our beers available for consumption in-house, than have them available for take-away. And no, you can’t pay extra to get the Ditsy Blonde in a growler, and no, you can’t buy four pints and pour it into your growler.